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At Mobi-Water, we develop remote real-time water management solutions. Our company is built over years of progressive research in the fields of water, with a keen interest on integrating technology into the African Water Sector. Our Solutions assist Homes, Businesses and Water Utilities to monitor and improve their water management through Data Driven Analytics and Decision-making.

Our flagship product, Mobi-Water, uses GSM Technology to create a robust, realible and afffordable tank/reservoir monitoring Solution.

How much water did you use today?

After implementing several projects in rural Kenya, we realised there was a big challenge in the way people monitored their water. From Organisation and companies, to urban households and rural communities, people lacked basic water information. This, we found greatly reduced efficiency in the entire Water Service Delivery chain, with effects ranging from high water wastage in industries and urban households to poor sustainability of community projects, ultimately leading to poor water access in Rural Kenya.

With some research, we found that this was a similar challenge in most of Sub-Saharan Africa. There lacked solutions that could address this especially for the African Market and so, Mobi-water was Birthed!

Mobi-water’s Sole purpose to address the water challenge in Africa, through developing technologies and services that promote total inclusion, by ensuring that ANYONE can access relevant water information at ANYTIME and ANYWHERE!

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Our Products

We have a Great Range of Products and Services

Mobi-Water Hardware

Through a rigorous development process, we've developed cutting edge hardware consisting of Tank Level Sensors and Smart Metering Solutions to ensure Real-time Monitoring and Management of Water in the palm of your hand. Our Tank Level Sensors and Smart Meters combine seamlessly together to create the perfect, durable and affordable solution for real-time water monitoring.

Mobi-Water Hardware

Mobi-Water Cloud

Our Mobi-Water Cloud infrastructure is built to receive, aggregate, process and store uploaded data recieved from our gateways and sensor nodes. With powerful inbuilt features, it ensures that all connected devices communicate as desired, while analyzing and detecting any anomalies in data. It processes the large volume of data and makes it available to users in an easy and simplified manner.

Mobi-Water Cloud

Front-End Softwares

Accompanying our amazing Infrastructure is our easy to use, reliable front-end softwares which includes a Mobile App, Online Dashboard and SMS Platform. Users can any of the platforms to access their water information and receive alerts or alarms. Using Graphs on the Mobile App and Online Dashboard, users can analyze their past water use and plan for future water use using accurate historical data.



Industry Verticals


Community Projects

Our flagship initiative dubbed ‘Maji Mkononi’ short for ‘Water in your Hand’ seeks to improve access to Water Infomation across the Water Value Chain to help the B.O.P.

Maji Mkononi is a project in KIBERA, the biggest slum area in Kenya, home over 250K people who are facing the huge challenge of consistent water access.

We worked in partnership with other local organizations who seek to improve WASH in urban informal settlements as well. We identify local water vendors, and help them to monitor and improve water availability to the community.

Domestic use

Homes and Apartments

Because water demand exceeds supply, all urban towns in Kenya suffer from water shortages/rationing, causing residents to rely on water stored in tanks/reservoirs as their only available water during this shortages.

Managing water in these tanks is often impossible and residents often run out of water before the next supply forcing them to purchase bulk water delivered using trucks at exhorbitant prices.

Not only does Mobi-Water allow urban users to monitor and recieve alarms when their tank levels are low, we also provide affordable, reliable and hassle-free bulk water delivery services.

Business and Industry

Properties, Factories and Utilities

In addition to monitoring water at the community and household levels, Mobi-water also extends its usability to commercial properties, industries and water utilities to ensure improved water management across the value chain.

We work with industries, providing factories and processing plants in-depth analytics of how they use their water.

We also work with water organisations and utilities that need to monitor water resources such as boreholes, rivers and dams and provide comprehensive Data to make informed decisions.

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We use data to give your water a voice


Receive alerts any time your water goes below your desired threshold and periodic alerts during the day.


Mobi-Water Systems are designed to withstand harsh environments in both urban and rural environments.


Get accurate and reliable Data which can be used to create trends and predict water demand.


Choose how to get your water alerts. From SMS to Emails to App Notifications, the choice is up to you.


Generate graphs and track your water use, predict your next water shortage or compare different water tanks.

Customer Support

The Mobi-Water team is always available to offer support to our clients with quick, informative responses.

A New Way to Monitor and Manage your Available Water.