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At Mobi-Water, we develop remote real-time water management solutions. Our company is built over years of progressive research, with a keen interest on integrating technology into the African Water Sector. Our Solutions assist Homes, Businesses and Water Utilities to monitor and improve their water management through Data Driven Analytics and Decision-making.

Why do we do it?

After implementing several projects in rural and Urban Kenya, we realised there was a big challenge in the way people monitored their water. From Water Projects, Businesses and Industries to Residential Homes, people lacked information on how they used their available water. This, we found greatly reduced efficiency in the entire Water Service Delivery chain, with effects ranging from high water wastage in industries and urban households to poor sustainability of community projects, ultimately leading to poor water access in Rural Kenya.

With some research, we found that this was a similar challenge in most of Sub-Saharan Africa. There lacked solutions that could address this especially for the African Market and so, Mobi-water was Birthed!

Our Products

We have a Great Range of Smart Water Products and Services

Mobi-Level Tank Sensor

The Mobi-Level Sensor is a robust, Low Power, easy-to-install Tank/Reservoir sensor which allows you to monitor water levels in Any Tank/Reservoir in Any Location.

With an easy 30 min installation, you will be able to monitor your tank water levels through the Mobi-Water Dashboard, Mobile App or SMS Notifications.

Mobi-Level Sensors

Mobi-Flow Smart Meters

The Mobi-Flow Smart Meters are a revolutionary Real-Time Water Flow and Consumption monitoring solution which allows users to monitor their water consumption remotely.

Compatible with Different Manufacturer Brands, Mobi-Flow users get accurate water consumption data allowing them to improve their water consumption or distribution trends.

Mobi-Flow Meters

Mobi-Flow Prepaid Meters

The Mobi-Flow Smart Billing Meters are an excellent solution which allows Full automated water consumption Billing and assured payment collection every month.

Whether you are looking for a Prepaid or Postpaid Billing Solution, Our End-to-End Solution will allow you to efficiently manage your Water Billing and Revenue Collection for your Utility or Property.



Industry Verticals

Water Utility Management

Water Utility / Project Management

If you are looking for an End-to-End Water Management Solution, then Mobi-Water's Hardware and Software Products is the Solution for you.

Trusted by one of the Best Water Companies in Kenya, Mobi-Water allows you to remotely track your Water Tanks/Reservoirs, Track and Analyze Water Consumption or Distribution and finally Collect Revenue through our Prepaid or Postpaid Billing Solution.

Business and Industry

Business, Factories and Industries

Business Premises, Factories and Industries often end up with High Water Expenses due to water wastage, leakages and water misuse.

Mobi-Water's Real-time Water Monitoring Solution allows businesses and industries to keep track of their water use, identify leakages faster, analyze water use patterns to avoid wastage and ensure the organization always has sufficient available water for their operations.

Apartments and Homes

Secure Your Water with Mobi-Water

Tired of Constantly Running out of Water in your Apartment or Residential Home?

Mobi-Water's Smart solution allows you to track how much water you have left in your tanks, warns you whenever your Water is about to run out or when your water consumption is abnormally high. Mobi-Water ensures your never run out of water and gives you full accountability of your water bills by tracking your Daily Consumption

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We use data to give your water a voice


Receive alerts any time your water goes below your desired threshold and periodic alerts during the day.


Mobi-Water Systems are designed to withstand harsh environments in both urban and rural environments.


Get accurate and reliable Data which can be used to create trends and predict water demand.


Choose how to get your water alerts. From SMS to Emails to App Notifications, the choice is up to you.


Generate graphs and track your water use, predict your next water shortage or compare different water tanks.

Customer Support

The Mobi-Water team is always available to offer support to our clients with quick, informative responses.

A New Way to Monitor and Manage your Available Water.