Solving a Simple Problem…. or is it?

by Teresia | Mar 1, 2019 | Blog

For most Kenyans, municipal water is rarely enough for all domestic purposes and that is why ALL buildings have one thing in common…WATER TANKS. Whether plastic, steel or Concrete, People have gone to lengths to ensure that they have some sort of water storage by having rooftop tanks to underground tanks, to supplement for dry days.

BUT, even with such measures in place, water always seems to be a challenge…so where is the problem?

Findings show that Nairobi has a water deficit of up-to 225 million Liters per day, and with a growing population, this gap is expected to only get wider. To put this into perspective, In 2018 alone, Tank manufacturers sold over 800,000 PLASTIC Tanks country wide, add Concrete and Steel Tanks and this number easily surpasses 1 million tanks yearly. These tanks don’t sell for cheap, So it’s accurate to say that everyone is after ensuring some sort of water security for themselves…But we still have a problem so what is it?

We can’t truly manage what we don’t measure.

Imagine if your car lacked a fuel gauge to tell you how much fuel you had left, or if your phone, a device you use daily, lacked a battery indicator showing you the power you have left? Life would be a little chaotic right?

The most common ways of people checking water levels in their tanks up to date, has been to physically climb them, and this cuts across for businesses, homes and even industries. And going by the frequency of how much we run out of water, either because someone forgot to pump it or because we just were not aware, climbing tanks is clearly not sustainable, …and there is a better way go about monitoring our water use!

The simple solution:

Mobi-Water, a simple solution that has been designed to bring some ease into this! A solution that enables you to monitor water in your tank anytime, anywhere using your Mobile Phone! Mobi-Water helps you to always be ahead by ensuring you never have to worry about water shortages again. HOW?... Because, you can see your water, analyze your water use and predict future water demand! So this is a call for the Tank climbers, because, we know there is a lot of you…Give Mobi-Water a try today!