Get Bulk Water at 10% OFF


This offer is currently available along Thika Road, Kiambu Road, Westlands, Parklands, Kilimani/ Ngong Road.

How We Do It?

Identify and Map out Water Sources/Points in different Locations.
Test their Water Quality to ensure it is SAFE for our Clients.
Use Mobi-Water Tank Sensors to Predict and Plan Water Deliveries.

Why Mobi-Water Delivery?

Good Quality, Safe and Treated Water at the Touch of a Button.
Dependable, Timely and Professional Water Delivery.
Pocket-Friendly and Affordable Pricing.

Free Mobi-Water System!!

Tired of buying water and not knowing how you are using your Water?
Get a Free Mobi-Water Monitoring System for your Tank!!

**Available for Commercial Clients ONLY