Introducing The New Mobi-Water 2.0

by Teresia | Mar 1, 2019 | Blog

Our mission to solve the African Water challenge drives every single thing we do. This very mission drives us to challenge old systems and continue to innovate. We already live in a world being driven by technology, so why are we using outdated ways to manage our water? With Mobi-Water proving to improve water Management and Access by up to 30% in past projects, we are definitely motivated to keep pushing harder.

Today, we’re proud to announce that Mobi-Water, the easiest way to manage your water has a new addition to the Family! Mobi-Water 2.0 is the answer to all previous requests from our clients, and an answer to All water challenges especially in Urban Africa. The Mobi-water 2.0 is a NEW iteration and improvement to Mobi-Water 1.0. It is Smaller and more compact, with additional features that will eliminate all water hustles so you can have your peace of mind!

  • Power Source connection? None needed! The new Mobi-water 2.0 is FULLY Solar powered to ensure you’re notified of changes in water level regardless of grid power connectivity.
  • Professional installation? Unnecessary! Mobi-Water has a compact and easy to install design, making it easier for anyone to install in their tank in under TEN minutes!
  • Cabling? This is a thing of the past! Mobi-Water 2.0 Requires zero cabling. Just secure it on your tank and you’re Good To Go!
  • Mobi-Water is truly changing how people Manage their water, and it is making everyone water smart. Using our ultra-sensitive sensors and new technology Controllers, the Mobi-Water system is designed to record any slight changes in your water level and alert the user as needed. With frequent water level updates of up to every FIVE minutes, Mobi-Water ensures that you will always be in the know, and avoid abrupt water shortages!

    And all this comes at a reduced 40% OFF the price to make it more affordable for Renters, Homeowners and Businesses alike! You can easily control your Water Usage by viewing your tank on your Phone from the Mobi-Water APP, or through receiving daily texts from our SMS platform or through our Online dashboard.

    Since most of the City relies on Bulk water supply from Bowsers, Mobi-Water has gone a step further to ensure total convenience for you! As a Mobi-water User, you can completely relax and forget your water challenges, from usage to Supply!

    If you rely on Bulk Water Supply, Mobi-Water will help you track your usage and handle water delivery to your home or business at no extra costs!

    Gone are the days of the hustle of calling Bowser drivers for hours on end before water is delivered to your premises. With Mobi-Water, you can afford some peace of mind for a price that is within reach!